EcoSynth™ Platform

Our EcoSynth™ platform technology is inspired by the robustness and ability of natural microbial ecosystems to perform complex biochemical synthesis. This fermentation approach is based on the ground-breaking research done by Dr. Xiaoxia “Nina” Lin and Dr. Jeremy Minty at the University of Michigan. Our platform leverages a unique combination of know-how in microbial ecology and engineering for the design and construction of synthetic microbial ecosystems to efficiently produce target biochemical products. Our modular platform offers key advantages compared to conventional monoculture-based fermentation, including feedstock flexibility and the capability to produce expensive metabolic precursors in-situ. Our goal is to use the EcoSynth™ platform to develop more efficient and cost-effective routes for producing a variety of biochemicals and biofuels, enabling commercialization of more sustainable and eco-friendly materials and ingredients. Current projects include Ecovia™ Biopolymers and our past projects include Cellulosic Biofuels.

The EcoSynth™ platform can be readily adapted to produce a variety of biochemical products. If you are interested in using EcoSynth™ technology to produce a biobased material or ingredient, please contact us

How It Works

©2018 Ecovia Renewables Inc.

©2018 Ecovia Renewables Inc.

US Government Funding

Our platform is supported by funding from three US government agencies, including the United States Department of Agriculture, National Science Foundation, and Department of Energy.

More information about our grant funding history can be found here: