Ecovia™ Biopolymers: Next-Generation Functional Polymers

Ecovia Renewables Inc. is an R&D-stage company offering customized prototype ingredients and materials for both in-house and outsourced production.

We deploy our bioprocess to produce high-performing, multi-functional biopolymers. As superabsorbents, Ecovia™ Biopolymer materials absorb up to 300x their weight in water and show improved absorption under load than starch-based biopolymers. Produced through fermentation of renewable biomass, Ecovia™ Biopolymers are 100% non-toxic, biobased, and biodegradable. The reduced cost and feedstock flexibility of our proprietary process enables a wide range of applications, many of which were previously uneconomical.

Our goal is to create Ecovia™ ingredients and materials that exceed the performance of the current generation of biodegradable starch-based absorbents and offer a viable alternative to widely used petrochemical-based polyacrylic/polyacrylamide materials. Note: Samples for R&D Use Only.

Ecovia™ Biopolymers: application areas and benefits

Agriculture / Horticulture

  • Improved moisture retention in soils and hydraulic mulches

  • Improved rheology of hydraulic mulch mixes

 Comparison between Ecovia™ Biopolymers and no amendment added after 10 days

Comparison between Ecovia™ Biopolymers and no amendment added after 10 days

Personal Care

  • Improved Performance Compared to Current Biobased Superabsorbent Materials For Absorbent Hygiene Products

  • Higher Performance Functional Moisturizers for Natural & Organic Skin Care Formulations

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