Engineering efficient, cost-effective Routes for production of High-Performing Biobased Chemicals and Fuels

Our History

Ecovia Renewables Inc. was founded in 2014 to commercialize the pioneering research of Dr. Nina Lin & Dr. Jeremy Minty at the University of Michigan. Their research in designing, constructing, and modulating synthetic microbial ecosystems forms the basis of the EcoSynth™ Platform. Their first proof-of-concept synthetic microbial ecosystem involved one-step production of isobutanol from lignocellulose. Since then, Ecovia's mission has expanded to engineer microbial co-cultures that enable more efficient, cost-effective routes for producing a variety of biofuels, bulk biochemicals, and specialty biochemicals.

Our Mission

It is our mission to develop and commercialize high-performing biobased chemicals and fuels from sustainable processes at the best value for our partners. We do this by having microbial ecosystems work for us.