Meet The Ecovia Renewables Board of Directors

Jeremy Minty, PhD, Co-Founder, President & CEO, Chair

Dr. Jeremy Minty is dedicated to addressing the global problems of fossil fuel dependency and climate change. Jeremy's current work focuses on developing economically viable strategies for sustainable production of fuels and chemicals from renewable resources. He is co-inventor of the EcoSynth platform for cost-effective production of high-performance, biobased chemicals. Jeremy co-founded Ecovia Renewables, Inc. with Dr. Nina Lin with the mission to develop and commercialize cost-effective routes for producing high-performing biobased materials. He earned his undergraduate and doctorate degrees in Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan.

Xiaoxia (Nina) Lin, PhD, Co-Founder, Scientific Advisor

Dr. Xiaoxia "Nina" Lin is a professor in Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at the University Of Michigan. Dr. Lin's research group focuses on investigating microbial systems, particularly microbial communities, using systems biology and synthetic biology approaches. Her laboratory aims to engineer microorganisms to address critical needs faced by our society such as sustainable biofuel and chemical production. Dr. Lin's work has been published in a wide spectrum of peer-reviewed journals. Her group has been funded by government agencies, including the NSF, NIH, and USDA. She is Co-Founder of Ecovia Renewables and serves as the company's Scientific Advisor. Dr. Lin completed her PhD at Princeton University and her Post-Doc at Harvard Medical School.

Geoff Horst, PhD, Business Advisor

Dr. Geoff Horst serves as a board director and corporate advisor to Ecovia Renewables. Dr. Horst currently leads R&D functions for Kemin Industries, a global nutritional ingredient company. Prior to this role, Dr. Horst was a former co-founder of Algal Scientific and first served as its CSO and then CEO. Dr. Horst led Algal Scientific from idea-stage to full-scale commercialization of algal β-glucan from their fermentation-based production process, culminating with an acquisition by Kemin in 2017. Dr. Horst has a PhD from Michigan State University, MS from California State University and a BS from the University of Michigan.

Caroline Drouart, PhD, Director

Dr. Caroline Drouart currently leads the strategy, M&A and communications department of Seppic, a worldwide designer and supplier of specialty ingredients for health and beauty care. She was previously marketing director for the medical devices division of Air Liquide Healthcare. Dr. Drouart has been serving in executive committees since 2009. She has developed skills in M&A, strategy, marketing, digital transformation, communications, and knowledge of the healthcare and beauty personal care markets. Dr. Drouart is an engineer from Ecole Centrale de Paris, and has an M.Phil from the University of Cambridge (U.K.) and a PhD from Université Paris VII.