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1. Sr. Bioprocess Engineer (Fermentation & Purification) — Ann Arbor, MI

Role & Responsibilities

This position is full-time. The Sr. Bioprocess Engineer serves as a senior member of a three-person process development and engineering team. They are responsible for planning and coordinating various activities and developing and mentoring junior staff.

Responsibilities include:

  • Driving development and optimization of fermentation and downstream purification processes for multiple biopolymer products to achieve target fermentation metrics and product specifications.

  • Leading process modeling and technoeconomic analyses (TEA) / life cycle analyses (LCA) activities.

  • Leading scale-up and pilot-plant build-out and operation activities, including instrumentation and equipment design/specification, site planning and environmental/code compliance, and process HAZOPs and risk identification and mitigation activities.

  • Managing the development of process books and technology transfer to partners and/or contract manufacturers.

  • Attending periodic conferences and trade shows as a representative of Ecovia Renewables.


The following qualifications are required:

  • Degree in chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, or related field, with relevant work experience in chemical, biochemical, or life science industries:

    • B.S. with 8 or more years industry experience; OR

    • M.S. with 6 or more years industry experience; OR

    • Ph.D. with 4 or more years industry experience

  • Successful track-record of developing and commercializing fermentation processes.

  • Expertise in design-of-experiments studies and other optimization approaches to reduce cost of goods sold and enhance product quality.

  • Expertise in scale-up / scale-down approaches.

  • Experience with pilot or commercial scale process design and operation.

  • Experience with technology transfer and support of production processes at customer, partner, and/or contract manufacturing facilities.

The following experiences/skills are preferred:

  • Experience with development and scale-up of high viscosity fermentation processes.

  • Experience with process modeling and analysis with SuperPro Designer software

  • Familiarity with food and/or cosmetics GMP requirements

  • Polymer chemistry and processing experience, including production of water-soluble polymers or hydrogel materials.

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a fast-paced collaborative multi-disciplinary environment, both internally and with commercial partners.


Ecovia offers a competitive benefits package. This includes stock options for all employees, 401(k) plan (if eligible), and medical coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. We also offer dental, vision, disability, and group life insurance.

Application Process

Please send resume/CV and cover letter to careers@ecoviarenewables.com.

2. Product Innovation Intern— Ann Arbor, MI

Role & Responsibilities

This position is full-time summer intern. The candidate will work with Ecovia’s Innovation team helping to develop affordable, biobased, biodegradable, and functional alternatives to conventional acrylate, acrylamide, and starch-based polymers through our proprietary fermentation process. They will also assist in the creation of prototype products with applications ranging from soil additives for water retention to super-absorbent cores for infant diapers to thickeners for personal care and industrial products, among many others. The candidate will gain experience with the following primary responsibilities:

Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting R&D staff with research (mainly wet-lab experiments), setting up and running laboratory fermenters, analyzing results, and documenting activities in an electronic lab notebook

  • Assisting in the preparation and analysis of R&D prototype materials used by potential customers for performance validation.

  • Periodic reporting and/or presenting to management and R&D staff

  • Assisting with laboratory and research management tasks, including inventory (supply ordering and logging) and equipment maintenance & upkeep


Chemistry, biochemistry, biology, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, or related major with a minimum 3.0 GPA

Application Process

Please send resume and cover letter to careers@ecoviarenewables.com


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