AzuraGel™ Biopolymers

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As superabsorbents, AzuraGel™ Biopolymers absorb up to 300x their weight in water. They show improved absorption under load (AUL) over starch-based biopolymers and are 100% non-toxic, biobased, and biodegradable. Produced through fermentation of renewable biomass, AzuraGel™ Biopolymers are being developed to minimize cost and maximize feedstock flexibility. Our proprietary process enables a wide range of applications, many of which were previously uneconomical to biobased superabsorbents.

AzuraGel™ 100


Versatile, biobased and biodegradable. AzuraGel™ 100 has excellent water absorption and tackifying properties that are valuable for numerous applications. USDA Certified 100% Biobased.


AzuraGel™: Application Areas and Benefits

Agriculture and Horticulture

As Soil Amendments for Water Retention

Citris leaves
  • Improve soil moisture retention

  • Reduce irrigation requirements

  • Improve seed germination & plant growth

  • Biodegradable - will not accumulate in soil

  • Improved rheology of hydraulic mulch mixes

As Tackifiers for Revegetation & Erosion Control

Golf course
  • 100% non-toxic and biobased

  • Improve hydraulic mulch & soil adhesion

  • Prevent washout

  • Provide similar performance to polyacrylamide / vegetable gum formulations

Personal Care

As superabsorbent fillers for Hygiene Products

  • Improved absorbency under load and free swell compared to starch-based superabsorbents

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, and eco-friendly

  • 100% natural & non-GMO

  • Sold as dry granules; shelf-stable

Moisturizer & Thickener for Natural Skin Care

  • High performance functional moisturizer

  • Provides skin benefits comparable to hyaluronic acid

  • Can be produced from vegetable-based, USDA compliant feedstocks

  • 100% natural & non-GMO