BioGel™: Next-Generation Superabsorbent Biopolymers

We are deploying our EcoSynth™ platform to produce new high-performance, water-retaining biopolymers. BioGel™ materials can be tailored to absorb up to 300x their weight in water and formulated with adhesive properties. Produced through fermentation of renewable biomass, BioGel™ is 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, and biodegradable. The BioGel material is difficult and expensive to manufacture conventionally. The reduced costs and feedstock-tunability of our novel manufacturing process enables new BioGel applications that are now economical.

Our goal is to create BioGels that can exceed the performance of the current generation of biodegradable starch-based absorbents and offer a viable alternative to widely used petrochemical-based polyacrylic/polyacrylamide materials. BioGel application areas and benefits include:

Agriculture / Horticulture

  • Improved moisture retention in soils and hydraulic mulches

  • Improved rheology of hydraulic mulch mixes

Personal Care

  • Improved Performance Compared to Current Biobased Superabsorbent Materials For Absorbent Hygiene Products

  • Higher Performance Functional Moisturizers for Natural & Organic Skin Care Formulations